God’s Good World

Today’s Devotions

… are on how God hates laziness. We sang from Psalm 104: 6 and read from Proverbs 6:6-11 and Proverbs 26:13-16.These texts are about sluggards and the effects of being a sluggard. One of the characteristics of sluggards is laziness. We also discussed how the Bible warns against laziness.

Student Devotional on True Worship

Read Revelation 3:14-22.

As we read about the church in Laodicea, we can see that the church is not truly into worshiping, they are lukewarm, and they don’t know if they want to truly be part of God’s people. They are so involved in their material possessions they are not giving all they have to God and they are ore concerned about making themselves better. John is telling the church that Jesus wants them to come and eat and sit with him but they cannot do that until they have made themselves clean and they are truly repentant and wanting to live this life for Him.

Read Revelation 4.

In reading Revelation 4 we can see that God will open the doors to heaven. We will be able to see the greatest he has prepared for us, but we can only do this if we do not focus on all the materialistic items of this life and we are just rich with the love we have from our Father in heaven. There is also the new Jerusalem but we will not get there if we are not 100 percent focused on God and living this life the way he wants us to. We need to understand that when judgement day comes, all of our material things will be gone; they will not be the important thing.

Today in Christian History

Ethelbert, 1st Christian King of Kent

Today’s Christian Music!

…is from Esther Mui, her version of Psalm 104: 31-34 – “I Will Be Glad in the LORD” (Christian Scripture Praise Worship w/ Lyrics).

Working Hard

Today’s Devotions

…were on Genesis 3:16-19, about the fall into sin and what God did to Adam and Eve, and how it affected how we worked and how we would have to work. There would be thorns on the ground, and there would be weeds to pull, etc. We sang Psalm 90, stanzas 4 and 5.

School News

Tomorrow high school gets to read to the elementary in Buddy Reading for”I Love to Read” Month.

Yesterday the JV Boys played a tough game against the Raiders at Gray Academy. They played but lost with the score of 90 to 49. They had to pull up two players from the Junior , so it might have been hard to play with Junior boys, who might not know as much as the JV boys do…. but they all played really hard.

Changing Mind

Today’s Devotions

…were based on 1 Peter 1:1-2, where Peter identifies himself as the author of the books of Peter. This text talks about how the exiles are saved by the Trinity. We sang Hymn 64, both stanzas.

 Student Work!

Today’s student work talks about how to overcome a mental obstacle.

  Dream Crasher

I am a professional dream crasher. That’s right, I went to University for eleven years and now get paid to ruin people’s lives and send them spinning out of their control. some people romanticize my job, they say “Everyday he saves lives” or “He’s a hero.” Back when I was a kid in high school I thought the same thing. But now, after being a doctor for three years, all I do is crash my patient’s dreams.

My main office is on the North End of town, with white walls, stickers for the kids and three young and pretty assistance’s. Sometimes I go to the hospital which is only five blocks away up to the fourth floor where I visit patients and consult with other dream crashers. Then I go up to the eighth floor and say a little prayer for those I can no longer help.

The field I specialize in is a tricky one. Every patient I examine, diagnose and treat is different, they all react differently. Some are cured and some die, bit one thins is try, nobody leaves mu office unscathed.

When someone comes to my office for the second time, I have a little speech rehearsed. It usually goes like this; “I’m sorry sir/madam, you have cancer of the (fill in organ/body part). Today I will present you treatment options and you will discuss them with loved ones before making a decision.” Which translates to: “Today you can stop and put aside all your plans because you are deathly ill and the chemotherapy will make you feel the worst you ever have.” The part us most of my patients like me-except that one kid.

Drew, he was different. First, I spoke with his parents and when they were calm together we told their eleven year old some. First thing he does is throw a quick solid punch at my nose. When I saw him a week later, my nose still hurt and he was still mad.

For an eleven year old, Drew had big plans for his life. he was going to join the military, become a general and be knighted by the queen. On the side he was going to play semi-pro in a national hockey league. My diagnosis was at the beginning of hockey season and he was none to happy when he realized that the side affects of his treatment would prevent him from playing.

Like with all my patients I needed Drew’s trust but this time I would have to work hard for it. The first time I inserted the needle into his arm. I brought along my laptop and together we watched hockey championships. On his worst day when he had no hair, nausea and no zest for life I did a little talking and brought a soldier on leave to visit him.

When Drew celebrated his twelfth birthday in  the hospital, he was skin and bones. He had fallen hopelessly behind in school and his treatment plan wasn’t going the way I had planned. He also refused to eat or drink anything.

One night I got a call, the midnight phone call every doctor dreads. As I drove to the hospital I remember thinking what I pity it was that we never got to be friends. We all thought he would die that night but he miraculously pulled through. When I walked into his room he barely had the energy to scowl at me. I figured it was time Mr. Drew an’ his bad ol’ doc better have a little talk.

“Drew” I said. He turned his head to look at me. “Drew, what do you want to be when you grow up?” surprised, he again told me.

“A general in the military.” So I asked.

“Drew, what does a general do when he’s losing a battle?”

“Calls for reinforcements” Drew murmured.

“In your body, as you already know a battle is happening. The good parts are starting to lose so they need reinforcements. These reinforcements come in the form of food.

After that little conversation, Drew bravely ate a little food every day. I was there on the day he was released and we high-fived. Drew had overcome his biggest obstacles.

Two years went by before I ever saw Drew again, then a colleague sent me a message asking for a patient’s files. I was horrified to see to see Drew’s name again. This time his cancer had returned so severely my colleagues were recommending an amputation on his leg.

The night before his surgery, as I was leaning over his bed, Drew whispered, “Hey, Doc?”

“Yeah, Buddy?” I responded.

“I’ve changed my mind.”

“What about, Sir?”

“I don’t want to be a general anymore, I want to be a doctor.”

In  that moment, as I assured him with a husky voice that this was a good choice. I realized I wasn’t a dream crasher, but a dream changer. A fourteen- year-old who didn’t know if he would live or die, helped me overcome my biggest obstacle.

Today’s Devotions

…were based on John 14: 15-26, about how Jesus said that if we ask of the Father, he will give us a Counselor. We sang Hymn 40: 4,5                                                   .

 Student Work!

Today’s student work talks about how everyone makes mistakes and you have to accept that. Also, please do respect the school property! Also, we are to take care of ourselves.

Be Holy, Not “Holey”

Hey, all you kool kats and and hot dogs, how’s your day been?

As most of you know, some hooligans within these sacred school walls BROKE our precious wall in our perfect restroom of serenity. Now, before we raise our torches and pitchforks in the air, let’s take the plank out of our own eyes before removing the speck in our brothers’ eyes. Everybody makes mistakes and we really need to pull up our big boy pants and be responsible for our actions. We must respect our school and be gentle with its fragile frame. So please stop pushing your friends into walls.

Now, remember, boys and girls, that not only should we take care of our school, but we should also take care of ourselves. Remember to wash your hands after you use the facilities, and remember to flush after you’re finished, and if a toilet is plugged, please turn the water off via the small shutoff valve on the left hand side of the toilet.

Overall, we should treat everything with care as it belongs to someone else, and we should make sure that we’re good and clean when around others.

Today in Christian History


Today’s Christian Music

…is, “I Lift My Hands,” by Chris Tomlin.

Serving God

Today’s Devotions

…from Mr. den Hollander, were based on Ecclesiastes, about how life has meaning and a point when you serve God. We sang Psalm 92, stanzas 1, 2, and 3.

 Student Work!

Today’s student work talks about our sponsor child

Dear students of Immanuel Christian School,

Every year we sponsor a child in need, and this year we are sponsoring Hosea, who lives in Guatemala, in the previous years we have struggled on getting the money and students remembering to bring money. We used different method’s of reminding students; one was passing out slips with reminders on them. Overall we have done very well and most of the time met our goals for the amount of money needed to be raised. I’m sad to say but this year, we have been slacking, it has been quite a while since student council has come around to collect money for Guatemala, and it’s almost the second semester already. This needs to change; we need to be more efficient in this and our other responsibilities. This isn’t just something student council needs to work on; it’s also all students, we need to be helpful to those who are responsible and look over things in student council or for the school. The student council is made up of all Grade 12 students and it’s their last year; it is a struggle and they have many things on their plate, so let’s be understanding but also encouraging to them and remind them of things if they may forget and it has been a while. We need to work together as a student body and be encouraging and helpful to one another in all that we do.

Today in Christian History

Puritan Peter Wentworth Went to the Tower

Today’s Christian Music

…is, “Lord it is good to give thanks to you,” by Bill Monaghan – a version of Psalm 92, our devotion’s song.